14-day permit for business travellers entering Pago, proposed for approval


A 14-day permit for business travellers from Samoa entering American Samoa is being proposed under new immigration rules that the Office of Legal Affairs hopes to adopt by administrative rule.

Tanalei reported that a notice of the proposed amendment to immigration rules posted on the Office of Legal Affairs website includes the 14-day permit which was in force before covid hit. The resumption of the permit for business travellers was one of the issues discussed at the Atoa o Samoa talks.

As proposed, the 14-day permit would cost $10 per person per trip and be available only to citizens of Samoa, with a registered business in Samoa, who travels to American Samoa for business purposes.

They must have a valid travel document, roundtrip ticket, local sponsor and clearances from the District Court of American Samoa and the American Samoa Medical Center Business Office.

For 30-day entry permits, any foreigner travelling to American Samoa must have a sponsor provide the Immigration Office at least three business days before entry to American Samoa the following:

  • an application by a local sponsor and approval of the senior matai of the family if the sponsor lives on communal land;
  • or if a religious exchange, the head of the church in American Samoa;
  • approval of the pulenu’u or district governor or his designated representative;
  • proof of valid travel documents and round trip tickets of onward passage;
  • a valid passport that will not expire during the visit;
  • clearance from the American Samoa Medical Center Business Office and the District Court
  • a medical clearance and police clearance from the country of origin unless the Attorney General or his designee waives one or more of such clearances if there are adequate measures to protect the health and safety of residents of American Samoa.

No changes are proposed in the fees for entry permits :

  • $40 for one person and $50 for an extension
  • $200 for 10 to 20 persons
  • $300 for 21 to 50 persons
  • $400 for 51 to 100 persons.
  • $500 for  101 and above 200 plus $5 for each additional person over 200.

The notice of intended action is dated February 2, 2023, and anyone wishing to comment must submit written comments to the Attorney General on or before March 16, 2023.