15 Correction Officers graduates

After a week of being sworn in, fifteen (15) Correction Officers have finally graduated.
These men and women endured a vigorous process of – theory examinations, practical assessments and physical tests, which panned out in eight weeks.
Seventeen (17) members were selected to be in this recruiting class, but two (2) unfortunately were unable to continue with the process totalling the number to fifteen (15).
The graduation ceremony was officiated by Rev. Semisi Lafi Esera, who highlighted to the recruiting class importance of commitment and serving with honour and honesty, reflecting on the recruit theme- “Stand together with courage & commitment, make sacrifices to uphold our pride in our profession”.
Minister Faualo Lefau Harry Schuster conveyed the keynote address of the day, reflecting on a famous quote by Fyodor Dostoyevsky, saying,
“A society should be judged not by how it treats its outstanding citizens but by how it treats its criminals, emphasizing the sermon by Rev. Esera encouraging the recruits to uphold and serve the Ministry well and treat the inmates under their care with humanity, compassion and love.
Commissioner Auapa’au Logoitino Filipo, upon conveying the recruiting class’s report congratulated the fifteen members and wished them well in their careers.
Nevertheless, Commissioner concluded his remarks by uttering a reminder to serve and uphold their duties and that, no matter how bad a person is in life and neglected by society, his or her rights are guaranteed under the Constitution of Samoa.
These men and women are the first of the Samoa Prisons & Corrections Services to have conducted its training and assessments separately from the Samoa Police Services recruits. They are also the first class to be trained and assessed at the Tanumalala Prison site.
This recruiting class is the first to have been trained through the Prisons Recruit Course, now certified and accredited by the Samoa Qualification Authority (SQA). A milestone also acknowledged by Commissioner Auapa’au.
The fifteen (15) Correction Officers consisted of six (males), with nine (females) dominating the graduates.
The ceremony saw four (4) recruit members walk home with SPPCS special prizes;
Students Choice Award:
John Paul Tagaloa
Most Disciplined Student Award:
KT Toleafoa
Kaisara Best All Rounder Award:
Taase Mafaufau
Outstanding Academic Achievement Award:
Taufagalupe Kaisara