17,762 applied for NZ quota

Close to 20,000 Samoans applied for the New Zealand quota ballot.
“This year the Samoa Quota ballot received 17,762 accepted registrations,” says a statement posted by the New Zealand High Commission.
“As stated on the application portal, 1650 Samoan Quota Resident visas are available under the Samoa Quota in 2022.
“This is an increase from the usual 1100 visas offered to account for the years where borders were closed.”
Consistent with previous years, registrants are able to include their partner and eligible dependent children in their application.
“If successful each person included in the registration will take one of the 1650 Samoa Quota Resident Visas available in the 2022 ballot.
“Registrations including a partner and eligible dependent children are allocated one registration number to avoid splitting up families.
Successful registrants will be contacted by Immigration New Zealand this week with more information on the next steps.