19 year old jailed in machete attack of 11 year old boy


Eteuati Toeleiu Gisi of Salelologa has been sentenced to jail for the attempted murder of his 11-year-old male cousin and sexual indecent assault against his 22-year-old auntie.  

Sentencing, in this case, was handed down by Supreme Court Justice Tafaoimalo Leilani Tuala Warren this week. The defendant is 19 years old. 

According to the summary of facts the incident occurred on 29 November 2021. 

The defendant had consumed alcohol and at around 10 pm, went home and saw his auntie sleeping and proceeded to touch her inappropriately, she woke up and chased him away. 

About 20 minutes later, Eteuati fetched a machete and walked into the room where his cousin was sleeping and struck him with a machete on the back of his neck.

Eteuati then put his hand over the victim’s mouth, while the victim was experiencing blurry vision and saw blood on his hand after touching his wound.

The victim pinched the accused’s arm causing the accused to loosen his hand and then the victim screamed for help. 

Eteuati hid the machete while the family rushed the 11-year-old boy to the hospital. The defendant left in his father’s car and drove erratically on the road, reverser into a police car and crashing at the market. When he arrived home his father called the Police.

The injury on the victim’s neck was severe, where the muscles on the back of the neck were cut and wound was down to the neck bone.

The victim was admitted to the hospital for five days. Justice Tafaoimalo pointed out the impact on the victim, is that he is a child who can no longer play with his friends and participate in sports because he is afraid of his injury being touched. He still feels pain a year after he was injured.

No doubt this injury will affect him into the future, impacting his quality of life.

The attack was premeditated as the accused got a machete, and turned off the light of the bedroom before attacking the victim. 

Her honours pointed out that the defendant’s parents say that the accused has mental issues and should not be given alcohol. They say he needs professional help as he has always had issues with other children, even at school.

A mental health assessment was carried out and confirmed that the accused suffers from anger issues and needs both anger management and alcohol rehabilitation therapy. He does not have any mental disorders.

The accused is convicted of attempted murder and sentenced to 1 year and 4 months imprisonment and for an indecent assault he’s sentenced to 6 months imprisonment, to be served concurrently.

Her honours also ordered the Ministry of Police and Prisons Corrections for the defendant to undergo anger management and alcohol counselling.