22,905 arrivals in December, 2022


The total International Arrival Statistics recorded for the month of December 2022 totalling 22,905 arrivals, revealed an increase of 84.1 per cent over the previous month of November.

Those that travelled to Samoa by Air represented 91.3% while 8.7% were represented by those that travelled by Sea.

New Zealand remains the leading country in visitors’ arrival by country of usual residence accounting for 44.3 per cent of total visitors or 7,435 visitors. Australia followed next with a distant 32.0 per cent share (5,372).

American Samoa reported 7.9 per cent (1,323 visitors) while the United States of America both reported 7.8 per cent (1,309) of total visitors. 

As usual, the Oceanic Region had the highest share of total visitors with 87.3 per cent, followed by America with 7.9 per cent.

Asia reported a share of 3.5 per cent while Europe reported the least share of 1.0 per cent.

The majority of visitors (48.7 percent) entered our shores to visit friends and relatives while 35.0 percent entered our shores for holidays and vacations.

Those who were here for Business/ Conference recorded a share of 2.3 per cent while those in transit made up 2.0 per cent.

Total visitors by the purpose of visit for December 2019 and December 2022.

Air New Zealand carried the highest share of passengers to Samoa with a 46.3 per cent share, (10,597 passengers) followed by Fiji Airways with a 21.0 per cent share (4,804 passengers).

Samoa Airways brought in 9.1 per cent (2,080 passengers) of total arrivals while Qantas and Talofa Airways recorded shares of 8.3 per cent (1,908) and 6.6.6 per cent (1,505) respectively.