$250,000 annual PSO grants disbursed

As part of the Government of Samoa’s continuous commitment to strengthening its public-private sector partnership as well as supporting the ongoing development of the Private Sector, Cabinet has approved the allocation of the annual PSO grant for the Financial Year 2021/2022 to ten PSOs to assist with their administrative operations.
During these challenging times with the COVID19 Pandemic severely affecting both the Samoan and the world economies, the PSO Grant provides crucial support for eligible Private Sector Organisations to enable them to continue serving their members.
The eligible organizations are those with commercial affiliations and are registered with MCIL under the Incorporated Societies legislation.
There are set criteria and a number of factors to be considered in determining the amount of grant to be awarded to each organization.
These include the PSO’s registered membership; list of registered members; submission of the strategic plan, annual reports, and audited financial statements; active advocacy role; and progress of any development projects being undertaken by the PSO.
On Monday the Minister of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Labour, Leatinu’u Wayne So’oialo, presented ten eligible PSOs with their approved Grants for the FY2021/2022.
He also encouraged continuous partnership between the PSOs and the Government whilst acknowledging the contribution of the PSOs to the development of the Private Sector and Samoa’s economy by way of their commercial activities that stimulate employment creation and economic prosperity.
The approved allocation for the FY 2021/2022 is as follows:
Private Sector Organization – Total Grant Approved;
1)Samoa Chamber of Commerce & Industry Inc. -$50,000.00
2)Women In Business Development Inc. – $45,000.00
3)Samoa Association of Manufacturers and Exporters Incorporated- $40,000.00
4)Samoa Hotels & Hospitality Association Inc. – $35,000.00
5)Business of Salafai Association Inc. – $25,000.00
6)Samoa Federated Farmers Inc. – $20,000.00
7)Savaii Samoa Tourism Association-$10,000.00
8)Samoa Mamanu Designs & Manufacturers Association -$5,000.00
9)Samoa Information and Technology Association- $15,000.00
10)Tautai Samoa Association – $5,000.00
TOTAL $250,000.00