26 NUS students recipients of the “Chinese Ambassador Scholarship”


A total of 26 National University Studentsa are recipients of the “Chinese Ambassador Scholarship” which was announced at an award ceremony held last week. 

China’s Ambassador to Samoa, Chao Xiaoliang’s acknowledged NUS Vice Chancellor, Professor Aiono Dr Alec Ekeroma and his NUS team for their strong support of the implementation of the Chinese Ambassador Scholarship program.

He said in June this year, they successfully held the first “Chinese Ambassador Scholarship” Award Ceremony. 

The scholarship provided by the Chinese side creates opportunities for awardees to continue their academy or extracurricular activities and develop their strengths in different research fields. 

Adding that the students are the future of Samoa and with their dedication and hard works, they will be the pioneers to shoulder the important mission of realizing national development and prosperity.

He said with the long-standing tradition of people-to-people interactions, China has always attached great importance to strengthening cooperation with Samoa in the field of culture and education. 

“The Chinese government has provided Samoa with a large number of government scholarships every year since 1982, and has cultivated many outstanding students in various fields for Samoa. 21 government scholarship students went to study in China this year. For 2023/2024 academic year, they will offer 26 government scholarships to Samoa. 

“Since 2020, China has become the largest foreign capital recipient, providing a vast range of employment opportunities. The world’s young generations will further benefit from the diverse market of China, chasing their dreams in sectors ranging from high-tech to creative industries, from research to business.

“I do believe that in the years ahead we’ll see even more students realize their dreams in China, and I’m looking forward to your benefiting from China’s development and strengthening China-Samoa cooperation and exchanges.”