$350 million tala remittances recorded June to October, 2022


More than $350 million tala remittances were recorded from the months of June to October last year. 

This was confirmed in the Central Bank’s latest report on remittances. 

From June, a total of $72.20 million was recorded and it was increased in July to $83.06 million, but a slight reduction in August to $72.26 million and further reductions in September to $69.24 million and $62.59 million in October of last year.  

New Zealand is recorded as the highest with $146.63 million; Australia $130.26 million; while America, data states a total of $48.45 million and $23.12 million from American Samoa. 

Seasonal workers play a vital role in the remittances sending money home to families, hence New Zealand topping the remittances data.