Japan Gov offers to fund Police Patrol boat in the tune of $18 million tala


The Japanese Government has offered to purchase a Patrol Boat, for the Ministry of Police and Prisons in the tune of $18 million tala, in line with the protection of Samoa’s Exclusive Economic Zone.

This was confirmed by Minister of Police and Prisons, Faualo Harry Schuster in an interview with Radio Polynesia at his office.

The assistance by the Japanese Government was offered after $30 million Nafanua II was badly damaged and is beyond repair and will be disposed by the Australian government.

The Guardian class patrol boat, was gifted by Australia two years ago, was damaged in a grounding last August in Savaii.


The Minister re-emphasized the need for Government employees to take better care of the Government assets.

In terms of any new internal policies as a result of the grounding of the Nafanua but Faualso said there was no need for new policies, there are operational guidelines that should have been followed.

Referring to the former Captain Taito Sefo Hunt of the Nafanua was demoted five ranks down and fined $2000 by the Police Disciplinary Tribunal after being found guilty of 3 charges of negligence.