Zoning policy activated to contain spread of COVID


As part of Alert level 3, zones have been activated for Samoa. These zones were strategically developed to help contain the spread of the virus in the community and to assist with mobilizing services during a nationwide lockdown.

There are eight zones in Upolu and five in Savaii.

According to the statement issued by the National Emergency Operations Committee, as part of the Government’s COVID-19 national plan.

The zones’ features include hospitals, and services such as shops, gas stations, supermarkets, pharmacies, police and fire stations, and ATMs and Banks.

“The purpose for zoning during a nationwide lockdown is to encourage people to use services that are available nearby their homes and villages, to avoid congestion in urban areas, and to limit contact and exposure.

Minister of Police and Prisons, Faualo Harry Schuster told Radio Polynesia the Police will be strictly enforcing the zoning policy and the Police will not hesitate to issue citations as mandated under the law when people cross over from their designated zones.

“The main purpose is to eliminate congestion of the public in one place as this is one way to contain the spread of the COVID,” said the Minister.

The statement says the COVID-19 virus is clinically proven to be infectious and highly transmissible, especially when people congregate and contact.

“Limiting contact and people’s movements will help slow and contain the spread of the virus. Zoning, therefore, encourages the public to access services available in their zones, rather than travelling to urban areas to access the same services.

In the event that relevant services are not available in a zone, such as emergencies requiring transfer to the main hospitals in Upolu and Savaii, banks and pharmacies to name a few, the SOE Orders can accommodate such requests in order to save lives.”