PM applauds 30th Annual World Fire Knife Competition


This week marks the celebration of the 30th Annual World Fire Knife Competition as a highlight of the ‘We are Samoa Festival’ held at the Polynesian Cultural Center.

Prime Minister Fiame Naomi Mata’afa in a statement says the event is premised on Samoan cultural and traditions and is the largest gathering for Samoans in Hawaii. 

Fire knife dancing has become an iconic symbol depicting Samoan culture throughout the decades. The competitions continue to enable the preservation and promotion of this traditional performing art and I commend the hard work by the organizers and performers. 

She thanked all the supporters and guests that are here to witness and support the competitors. 

In Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the World Fire Knife Dancing, Fiame said “we remember and pay tribute to the pioneers and our forefathers that contributed greatly to this journey.

“Let us not lose sight of their dedication and applauded the foresight and efforts in hosting this event to promote and preserve Samoa’s culture for the diasporic Samoan communities that live abroad.”