81-year-old woman is Am. Samoa’s latest Covid-related fatality


An 81-year-old woman is American Samoa’s latest Covid-related fatality.

The 93KHJ reported that Dr Abraham Leiato, Acting Chief of Staff at the LBJ Hospital reported during a meeting of the Covid-19 Task Force that the woman had been hospitalized since June 30 and passed away July 12.

She had hypertension and other health conditions and was fully vaccinated but did not have a booster. The latest fatality takes the total number of Covid-related deaths to 33.

In the 7-day period from July 11-17 there were 317 new cases of Covid, a slight reduction from the previous reporting period, when 344 cases were recorded.

Health authorities believe the territory is experiencing a second surge.

Among the new cases of Covid is the Task Force Chairman, Lt Governor Talauega Eleasalo Ale and his son who tested positive after returning from Manu’a this past Saturday.

The Lt Governor had been attending the dedication of the Ofu Airport and the Manu’a Flag Day celebration.

There were 27 new Covid cases in Manu’a.

The tally of Covid cases up to July 17 is 7,460 of which 470 are active. There are 9 patients in the Covid Ward at LBJ Hospital.

Travelers from Honolulu testing positive upon arrival here are also on the increase. For the Monday, July 18 flight which brought in 129 passengers, there were 10 positive cases.

On the previous flight there were five. DOH reported that there are currently 22 travelers in isolation at the airport hangar facility.