A plea for speed bump/crosswalk in front of St Mary’s remain unanswered


To date, the Land Transport Authority remains mum regarding a request by St Mary’s in Savalalo to install a speed bump and crosswalk in front of the Primary School gates.

This is to ensure the safety of students in the area. 

One of the busiest streets in Apia, Mrs Yvetta Vui said their request should be a priority to the current administration, given the safety of students is at risk each and every day. 

“Not all families have vehicles, some people take the bus, and there is no pedestrian crosswalk in front of the school, which caters close to 200 students.”

Vui told Radio Polynesia the request was made when the Tuilaepa administration was in office, and follow-up requests were made during the current administration. Still, it is falling on deaf ears, says Vui.

There are two gates to enter the school compound, and neither has a crosswalk for parents the cross the road to drop of their children on a daily basis. 

Due to the increasing traffic, they had opted to close the main gate to ensure the safety of students and for the traffic to flow during the morning rush, and the school is using the side gate, said Vui.

A Police Officer is seen in this area every day to control traffic. 

Radio Polynesia reached out to the LTA Chief Executive Officer, Galumalemana Titi Schwalger, but there has been no response as of press time.