A year later, the death of Tu’uau Fa’asavalu remains unsolved


Its been a year since the death of an 18-year-old University student, but there have been no new developments from Police. 

This has left the family of Tu’uau Fasavalu, heartbroken and continues to search for answers as to who is responsible for his death. 

Fa’asavalu was discovered on the main road and believed to be a victim of a hit and run traffic incident, not far from his residence in Vaitele.

Acting Police Commissioner Auapaau Logoitino Filipo says the investigation into this case is ongoing.

“We have made numerous public appeals to members of the public that have any information in relation to this matter to come forward, but efforts have been unsuccessful.

This case remains open. “And again, if anyone has any information please call the Police or visit our headquarters,” urged the Acting Police Commissioner. 

In April, last year Fasavalu was found lying on the side of the road at the Vaitele Maali Street and was declared dead upon arrival at the Tupua Tamasese National Hospital at Motootua.

Police released video footage of a van they suspect was involved in the accident, but to date, there have been no new developments on this matter.