Acting DG reluctantly “admits the staff failed” on their part


Acting Director General Tagaloa Dr Robert Thomsen reluctantly “admits the Ministry of Health failed” on their part, in relation to the incident where an elderly man received treatment under the shade of the Security booth, at the Poutasi hospital over the weekend.

“If the staff failed, then they failed in carrying out their duties,” said Tagaloa; pointing out that everyone makes mistakes”.

Tagaloa also accused the media of “relentlessly pursuing” the Ministry over this matter.

The Acting Director General, is referring to a photo that went viral on social over the weekend of a 76-year-old man that was on an oxygen machine outside of the security booth.

Initially, the Acting Director General denied Radio Polynesia “this ever happened” but during the online press conference with the media earlier today, Tagaloa said all the District hospitals, have designated areas for screenings and most of those screenings are conducted at the front gate.

“No one is perfect, everyone makes mistakes and if you think the hospital staff failed in carrying out their duties, then they failed. “But like I said there are designated screening areas and processes before anyone can enter the hospitals.

“And because the [media] continues to pursue this matter up; let me cut to the chase and say, if the staff had failed then, they failed. But when this matter surfaced, the staff indicated that nothing like that happened as this is part of their screening process.

“Also the process has been explained to the woman who took her in her father to the District hospital,” said Tagaloa.

“Keeping in mind, people who go beyond the gate are those who have procured negative test results for the protection of the patients inside the hospitals, also to avoid congesting the hospitals due to exposure concerns,” explained Tagaloa.

Adding that each District hospital has been supplied with tents and proper equipment for screening those who visit the hospital.

These tents are solely for the purpose of screening and treatment of those who are positive for COVID.

Tagaloa also attacked the woman who made the post on social media.

“The staff at Poutasi already explained to the daughter of the elderly man the screening process but “maybe she was keen to garner 15 minutes of fame” on social media hence the post on Facebook.

Adding that it’s a bit difficult to respond to this matter due to the fact that the public is looking for faults with the Health Ministry.

However, Sia Osa posted took on social media her frustration that her 76-year-old father from Siumu a COVID patient visited the District Hospital in Poutasi having a hard time breathing and was made to sit outside the security booth while receiving treatment on the oxygen machine.