Aeau: Covid lockdown resulted in negative impact on student results


Chief Executive Officer of the Ministry of Education Sports and Culture, Aeau Chris Hazelman did not mince words when reminding teachers of their obligations to the students. 

He made the comments during a recent press conference regarding the closing of schools through this week, as a result of the influenza flu in the Country. 

“We learned from the experiences of the lockdown of Covid and how this had a negative impact on student results.”
Teachers have been warned to go to work this week, despite the extended school holiday or there will be implications. In an attempt to control the influenza outbreak in Samoa that started last month, the Government has shut down schools to assist in slowing down the spread of the flu.

A’eau reminded teachers of their role.

“We all have a role to play in the education of our children, as parents, educators, and administrators. “Like any form of employment if the worker does not perform then there are consequences.
“However as a teacher myself I am confident that my fellow teachers will heed the call of the Ministry to provide all students with schoolwork this week.

“We are teachers and we have a job to do but if you wish not to obey what the Ministry is requiring you to do as a teacher, then the Ministry will have to discuss your dismissal.”