Afualo says drugs found at his residence were not his property


The suspended Deputy Commissioner of the Electoral Commission Afualo Darryl Mapu has denied that the drugs confiscated at his residence are his property.

Afualo took the stand yesterday during his bench trial before Supreme Court Justice Tologata Leilani Tuala-Warren. 

He is jointly charged with Marie Fanueili and are facing six counts of drug-related offenses and possession of illegal weapons. 

Last year Police raided the residence belonging to Afualo in Nu’ufou and discovered methamphetamine or ice, drug paraphernalia, cash, and guns. 

Yesterday, Afualo blame a person name “Pelepesite [Fa’avae]” citing that he owns the guns, live ammunition, and ice that police discovered at his residence. 

The defendant also claims that drugs found inside the pants he was wearing did not belong to him, as the “pants” he was wearing also belong to Pelepesite. 

The other witness that took the stand was Pelepesite Faavae himself and he corroborated the claims by Afualo.

He said the pants that Afualo was wearing belonged to him along with the drugs discovered. 

Faavae also took ownership of the guns found at Afualo’s residence, noting he had six guns and some he hid under the bed, but Afualo was unaware of this. 

Earlier this week a “no case to answer” application filed on behalf of Afualo Daryl questioning the “chain of custody” and the alleged inconsistency in some of the prosecution evidence presented before the court, was denied by Justice Tuala-Warren. 

The hearing continues today.