AG’s office yet to be “served” with proposed lawsuit against PM


The Attorney General’s office has yet to be “served” with relevant documents of a proposed lawsuit against Prime Minister Fiame Naomi Mata’afa by the former AG, Savalenoa Mareva Betham-Annandale.

This was confirmed by Attorney General Su’a Hellene Wallwork in response to questions from Radio Polynesia this afternoon.

Savalenoa was sacked last September by Prime Minister Fiame citing the Attorney-General, an adviser to the executive government means having the trust and confidence of the government, which was lacking. 

Adding the Savalenoa’s “behaviour before the Supreme Court, for example in walking out of a hearing in May and then issuing a press release, critical of the Court and seeking to justify that behaviour.

“Other disrespect to the courts and the failure, for example, either to correct criticisms made by the former Prime Minister or to resign in protest; and the Attorney-General’s lack of response to continuing attacks on the judiciary.”

Attorney General Su’a told Radio Polynesia she read a report by local media, Newsline that Savalenoa has filed a claim against the Prime Minister. “I have not yet received a copy but expect it will be served on us when the documents are available from Court,” said Su’a.

Newsline reported that Savalenoa is taking the Prime Minister to court, for her dismissal from office last year for “unlawful and unconstitutional termination”.

Radio Polynesia contacted Savaleanoa for comments but she declined. “I don’t want to speak to your Radio. I am not interested and thanks for calling,” said Savalenoa and then hung up the phone.