Aiga Folau o Samoa successfully completes Guardians Savai’i program

Samoa Voyaging Society (SVS)/ Aiga Folau o Samoa successfully completed the Conservation International Samoa led – Guardians Savai’i program last Friday, 30th June.
Guardians 2023, an experiential educational outreach for 10 – 12year olds in Year 7 was conducted in Asaga, Faasaleleaga from 12th – 16th June.
One hundred twenty (120) students from Faga, Sa’asa’ai, Saipipi, Lano, Asaga and Pu’apu’a Primary Schools participated.
An additional 102 students from Vailoa, Vaitoomuli, Faala and Satupaitea Primary Schools participated in the program at Vaitoomuli, Palauli last week from 26th – 30th June.
Some of the participating schools at the Faasaleleaga site were victims of the recent June 8th flooding in Savaii.
“It was a pleasure to be at Faasaleleaga for Guardians Savai’i the week after the flooding washed through schools and homes.”, said one voyager ” To see these kids who had their school closed, or their homes affected because the river went through it, was special. They were excited to learn, and enjoyed checking out the Va’a folau.”
“We enjoyed seeing them perform the Folau, Folau, Ea, ea, song so earnestly. It was a positive experience for them after the flooding and they were so keen to learn !”, said another module leader.
The program included modules titled Voyagers, Coral Champions, Tree Guardians, Wise Fishers, and Trash Star. The popular Guardians program was initiated in 2018 and is developed to continuously enhance the environmental literacy of our young people.
The Samoa Voyaging module was popular when the students had the opportunity to visit the Voyaging canoe Paikea, which came from the Cook Islands, to deliver the program.
The Gaualofa has been unable to take on the program in Savai’i due to needed mechanical issues. SVS Aiga Folau acknowledges the kind support and assistance of Government and Private businesses for their voyaging canoe arrival on May 30th.