Am Samoa lifts its COVID-19 Emergency Declaration


American Samoa has lifted its COVID-19 Emergency Declaration as of December 1, 2022, which was effective since 2020.

This was confirmed in a statement issued today.

“As a result of the rigorous efforts of our healthcare workers, American Samoa’s pandemic response has saved thousands of lives.

“A total of 8,264 covid cases with 8,229 that have recovered, American Samoa has fully vaccinated over 85% of the population, and 91% of the population has at least one shot.”

On Thursday, December 1, 2022, Governor Lemanu Mauga announced that the COVID-19 Emergency Declaration (GED) will no longer be in effect.

Residents and visitors in American Samoa should comply with the advisories published by the Department of Public Health.

“American Samoa’s Covid-19 response has been guided by science and data-driven recommendations from the medical community in order to implement multiple phases of the operation strategically,” said Lemanu.

“The GED was a tool to communicate rapidly evolving data and Covid-19 policies to the community.

“Our Covid-19 response would not have been possible without the painstaking efforts of our healthcare heroes, numerous Federal and Territorial partners, and the support of the community.”

Current data suggests that while the virus is still circulating at a very low level, our Territory is still not in the clear. Vaccines, boosters, testing, treatments, and other mitigation measures remain available for the continued safety and well-being of the Territory.

It is also highly encouraged that the public continues to take the following precautions:

● Wear a mask

● Clean and disinfect

● Clean and wash your hands often with soap and water

● Avoid close contact with someone who is sick

The Covid-19 Task Force has been engaged in discussions with Federal partners on a path toward long-term recovery.