Am Samoa records its first Covid death related


American Samoa has recorded its first Covid related death, a man who died yesterday at the LBJ Hospital.

The death was announced by Governor Lemanu Peleti Mauga during a special virtual address late this morning.

Talanei reports the Governor said the deceased had several medical conditions made worse by the effects of COVID-19.

Governor Lemanu extended deepest sympathies to the man’s family.

He stated this is not easy for them, the public, and also the Government but encouraged everyone to remain strong and draw strength from God. He also said, “Do not let this disease take over us, let us control the disease.”

Meantime the latest data released by the American Samoa Department of Health indicated their confirmed cases stands at 1,565.

Earlier this week Radio Polynesia reported that Lt Governor Talauega Eleasalo Ale, says the next two weeks will be a critical point for American Samoa as it faces Covid head-on.

He said based on projections by epidemiologists of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as well as local health experts the current surge in Covid cases is expected to peak at the end of March, early April, specifically March 27-April 2nd.