Man claimed to be Am. Samoa’s first COVID related death had pre-existing conditions


The latest information on America Samoa’s first recorded COVID-related death this week indicated the man had preexisting medical conditions.

Talanei reports that the Acting Chief of Staff of LBJ Hospital, Dr Akapusi Ledua, says the 44-year-old man was seen at the hospital ER covid tent on Monday, March 21 with complaints of cough, body aches, and fever.

He was tested positive for Covid-19.

He was fully vaccinated but did not receive a booster.

He met the criteria for outpatient treatment with one of the IV Monoclonal antibodies called Sotrovimab a Covid treatment given through the drip, and antibiotics for his left leg infection.

The treating doctor at the ER consulted the Internal Medicine on call, whom Dr Ledua described as “our LBJ hospital, covid champion doctor, also one of the senior and most experienced doctors in the Internal Medicine department” for assessment.

Based on this assessment, the patient was comfortable and stable, so he was cleared to go home on advisory for home isolation as per the DOH directive.

Then on Tuesday morning, March 22 at 3.14 am the man’s wife called the EMS to notify them that her husband has passed and she will call back for transportation when ready after a prayer service.

When EMS arrived at the man’s residence the wife informed that he collapsed at approximately 2am and never regained consciousness.

A covid test was done at the site by the EMS crew and it was positive. The man was transported to LBJ Hospital and was certified dead by the ER doctor at 4.45 am.

Dr Ledua said the deceased had an enlarged heart from heart failure, lung edema secondary to heart failure, blood vessels problems in the legs…, prolonged and recurrent left leg infection due to blood vessel problems, abnormal liver function, and obesity.