American corner opens in Salelologa, Savaii

The American corner Salelologa is the second American education-focused space set up in Samoa.
This was confirmed in a statement issued by the Ministry of Education Sports and Culture.
The first was officially opened in October 2010 in the Nelson Memorial Library in Apia to provide literacy and general library resources in Apia to provide literacy and general library resources to the public.
“The American corner in Salelologa is fully furnished with desks, chairs, bookshelves and reading resources, with free internet and five new computers.
The Ministry of Education Sports and Culture will facilitate the corner and its daily operations with guidance from the U.S Embassy on various educational programs, which will include reading, English tutorials and highlighting special events.

“The opening of the American Corner in Salelologa will serve as a platform on which we can continue to build upon our strong friendship and as a physical reminder of our Embassy’s commitment to continued engagement between the people of the United States and Samoa,” said Ambassador Udall.

As with the American Corner in Apia, this new space will be operated by the Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture with the U.S. Embassy providing support on programs include information on studying in the United States, reading and numeracy, English tutorials, and highlighting special events such as world earth day, autism day, and literacy and education week.

“This American Corner will have a positive impact on the community as well as continue to promote education, literacy and numeracy. It will bridge the gap between students in Samoa and the world by providing access to information,” said Seuula Ioane.

“This American Corner now joins the more than 650 American spaces globally in 150 countries worldwide,” said Ambassador Udall.

The American Corner Salelologa is fully furnished with trapezoid desks, chairs, bookshelves, reading materials, smart-tv, printer, scanner, whiteboard, reading kindles, 5 new computers, and free internet. All these resources will assist the Ministry to facilitate programs as well as encourage students to read, learn, and explore different worlds and ideas through books.