ANZ becomes first bank in the Pacific to issue recycled plastic bank cards


ANZ today announced that all new Visa debit cards issued across the Pacific would be produced using a minimum of 70% recycled plastic.

ANZ Acting Regional Executive for the Pacific, Ravendran Achari, said: “Consumers are increasingly moving away from ‘first-use’ plastic, including shopping bags, water bottles, and straws.

“Now, as customer cards expire or new ANZ customers receive their cards, we will begin issuing cards made from recycled plastic.

“We have already started this process and while there’s no change to the look and feel or security aspects of these cards, this is an important step in ANZ’s journey towards a more sustainable future.

“By switching to recycled plastic cards, we are lowering our impact on the environment. Studies were undertaken by the supplier of recycled plastic reveal a 44 – 60% reduction in the carbon footprint, compared to ‘first use’ plastic.”

“We will continue to look for ways to make our cards, and other parts of our business, more sustainable.

“As technology allows, we hope to increase the recycled content further to make the cards even more eco-friendly,” Mr. Achari said.

In 2019, ANZ signed up for the Principles for Responsible Banking, leading the way to a future in which the banking community makes a beneficial contribution to people and the planet that society expects.

“With around 270,000 ANZ cards in circulation across the Pacific, this is a great example of how the banking sector can help support customers to live more sustainably,” Mr. Achari said.

“This move comes at a time when there’s been a strong shift towards cashless payments. COVID19 has been a tipping point for many customers when it comes to contactless payments.

“ANZ will continue to make investments in digital banking because we know this plays an important part in financial inclusion and giving Pacific people access to the global banking system.”