Appeal’s Court dismisses Iliganoa Sapolu’s appeal


The Appeal Court has dismissed the appeal by Iliganoa Daphne Sapolu over her husband’s will.

Mrs Sapolu claims that her late husband, former Chief Justice Patu Tiavaasue Falefatu Sapolu, did not leave a Will and that the Will presented by his sister Luamanuavao Katalaina Sapolu was a forgery.

However, Chief Justice Satiu Simativa Perese erred in his decision of 14 December 2022 and dismissed the claims citing that the will was genuine. 

The decision by Justices Rhys Harrison, Raynor Ashner, and Sir William Young cited the Applicant’s lawyer’s divided length on Luamanuvao’s professional status to show a high degree of suspicion about her conduct.

However, the Appeal Justices noted that the focus on Luamanuva’os professional status was misplaced here. Luamanuvao was acting in the capacity of Patu’s sister, who was thoroughly familiar with his affairs.

She was a specialist in this area. Patu’s trust in her was shown by his request that she prepare his three previous wills. The Appeal’s court is not satisfied that this circumstance aroused any suspicion whatsoever.