ASG confirms increasing passengers and weekly sails of Lady Naomi


The American Samoa COVID Task Force has confirmed that the Lady Naomi will start its weekly sailings today. 

In a statement issued by the Director of Health, Motusa Tuileama Nua also confirmed that the Lady Naomi is now cleared to carry up to 200 passengers per sailing. 

Before this, the passenger count was limited to 60 per trip.

“This week Thursday was initially supposed to be the start of weekly sailings of the Lady Naomi, however, Port Director Chris King reported that the sailing request was last minute given the Port already scheduled other operations on this day. 

He said there was also a request for a Lady Naomi sailing on the Wednesday of White Sunday but the MV Manuatele is booked for operations on the dock that day.

King said he’s asked the agent for the Samoa government vessel to adjust their schedule and utilize the Monday or Tuesday of White Sunday when the dock is open with no scheduled operations.

Lt. Gov. Talauega E.V. Ale, who is the chairman of the COVID Task Force said while American Samoa’s borders are opening, it is being opened in a controlled manner considering COVID is still here and other health threats are knocking at our door.

He said the online travel portal, Talofa Pass, is still being used for the purpose of recording and tracking travellers to American Samoa but not for blocking anyone out.