ASG groundbreaking ceremony for land at Moata’a set for today


The American Samoa Government’s land in Moata’a, Samoa, will conduct its groundbreaking ceremony this morning. This follows the signing of the Land Swap Agreement between the American Samoa Government and the Samoa Government in April this year. 

In turn, Samoa’s parcel of land is located in Petesa, American Samoa, to build its chancellery and the Samoa Consul headquarters. 

A statement released by the American Samoa Government, the groundbreaking ceremony for the land allocated for the American Samoa Government at Moataa before the opening of the Atoa o Samoa executive meetings. 

Governor Lemanu P. S. Mauga said the Atoa o Samoa Executive Meeting and the groundbreaking ceremony represent a pivotal moment in the two governments’ shared history.

 “We are committed to deepening our cooperation with the Independent State of Samoa and achieving common goals in areas of mutual interest. These events demonstrate our dedication to progress, unity, and the well-being of our Samoan Communities,” said Lemanu.  

The statement reads that leaders from American Samoa’s Legislature, Congress, and selected Cabinet members will be in attendance, alongside esteemed leaders from the Independent State of Samoa. 

The goal of this relationship with Samoa that would benefit society is crucial. Some issues covered at the two Samoa executive meetings include immigration, border security, trade, industry, the environment, visitors, health, and other matters.