Asia Pacific Airlines weekly cargo to Pago diverted to Apia, due to bad weather


A Boeing 757-200 operated by Asia Pacific Airlines was a scheduled weekly cargo service for Pago Pago from Honolulu Hawaii landed at the Faleolo International Airport.

“Due to bad weather at Pago,” confirmed the General Manager of the Samoa Airport Authority, Silimina’i Ueta Solomona in response to questions from Radio Polynesia.

He said the aircraft diverted to Faleolo and landed at 3:49 pm Sunday 26 June to await weather improvement.

“The aircraft subsequently departed Faleolo at 6:03pm and landed safely in Pago Pago.

“For information, diversions, are a normal procedure conducted by pilots when weather conditions at final destinations are below ideal or normal operating conditions.”

KVZK TV in American Samoa reported the Cargo flight aborted landing at the Pago Pago International Airport on Saturday afternoon (American Samoa time) due to zero visibility and strong cross winds.

“The cargo flight made two attempts to land in the Territory this afternoon however bad weather made it impossible. The cargo flight sought permission from Faleolo for landing and permission was granted to refuel in Apia. The Asia Pacific cargo flight leaves the Territory tonight at 10:00pm”