Associate Minister of Police served with “careless driving” citation


Associate Minister of Police and Prisons, Fepulea’i Fa’asavalu Sua was served with a “careless driving” traffic citation, which holds a fine of $100 tala. 

This follows a traffic accident in Malifa earlier this month, involving the Government vehicle assigned to him. 

“The fine has already been paid,” said Commissioner of Police, Auapa’au Logoitino Filipo who is responding from Fiji. 

The Associate Minister has just returned from a trip overseas last week. 

Auapa’au said in earlier interviews the traffic citations were not issued immediately against the Associate Minister, as the Traffic Officers had to conduct their investigation before taking any action at that time. 

Upon completion of their investigation, it was determined that traffic citations would be issued for alleged violations of traffic laws. 

In July, the Police Associate Minister’s vehicle was involved in a traffic accident, on his way to uplift his “uniform” when he wrongly stepped on the gas accelerator thinkings it was the brakes, the vehicle took off and hit a pothole and in efforts to save his life, he drove off the road.

This was the explanation given by the Associate Minister in response to our questions.