Police defends removal of license plates


Associate Minister of Police and Prisons Fepulea’i Fa’asavalu Sua will be slapped with traffic citations when he returns to the Country, following a traffic accident in Malifa two weeks ago, involving the Government vehicle assigned to him. 

This was confirmed by Police Commissioner Auapa’au Logoitino Filipo in response to questions from Radio Polynesia.

He also strongly defended “there is nothing wrong” with the removal of the license plate from the Government vehicle. 

“There is no special treatment in this matter. The Police had nothing to hide and the plates were removed when the vehicle was towed away, there is nothing wrong with that,” he said. 

Two weeks ago, the Associate Minister’s vehicle was involved in a traffic accident, on his way to uplift his “uniform” when he wrongly stepped on the gas accelerator thinkings it was the brakes, the vehicle took off and hit a pothole and in efforts to save his life, he drove off the road.

This was the explanation given by the Associate Minister in response to our questions. 

He then contacted the Police Commissioner informing him of what happened and waited for Police Officers to arrive at the scene. 

Radio Polynesia asked whether the Police were trying to hide something but the Commissioner said “Police had nothing to hide and the plates were removed when the vehicle was towed away.”

Auapa’au told Radio Polynesia the officers “removed” the license plate when the vehicle was about to be towed away from the scene.

Adding “there is nothing wrong with that.”

Auapa’au also confirmed that no alcohol was involved. 

Asked why it took so long before they issued the citations, the Commissioner said they were waiting for the completion of the traffic investigation and the Investigation Officers concluded, that the Associate Minister will be issued traffic citations, upon his return. 

“There was no special treatment in this matter, the Associate Minister was the one who contacted the Police reporting his accident,” said Auapa’au. 

The Associate Minister is in America, as part of the FAST party trip to visit their supporters.