Atoa o Samoa meeting revealed $18.6 million USD remittances for Samoa out of Am. Samoa


The Atoa o Samoa executive meetings revealed that as of 2021 March to December 2022, Samoa is at the top of remittances and wire transfers out of American Samoa in the amount of $18.6 million USD; the Philippines  $8.24 million; USA $7.55 million, China $6.62 million; Vietnam $1.51 million; Fiji $1.01 million and Tonga with over $200,000 USD. 

In a statement issued by the American Samoa Government noted that its Treasurer, Malemo Tausaga, presented a remittance report regarding transactions between American Samoa and Samoa and reported a significant increase since the Pandemic years. Malemo, who oversees Customs in the territory, mentioned progress toward Border Security matters is being made in programs such as the K9 handler training program and collaborations with Samoa.

Regarding Labor Mobility and Immigration, Attorney General Fainuulelei Falefatu Alailima-Utu pointed out that the Guest Workers Program successfully employs 1,355 workers. StarKist Samoa has requested more workers from Samoa.

 AG Fainuulelei also reported that 400 Samoa citizens were approved monthly under the Entry Permit Waiver Program.