Australia launched new partnership under the business partnership platform


Australian High Commissioner to Samoa, HE Ms Emily Luck, announced today a new business partnership to boost the number of meaningful, high-skilled jobs available for graduates in Samoa.

In a statement issued indicated the partnership between the Australian Government and WE Samoa, with support from Pacific-based consulting firm KVA Consult, will boost WE Samoa’s growth and increase the number of inclusive, skilled jobs it provides for
women and men in Samoa.

“WE Samoa, a Samoa-based accounting firm, develops and trains accounting staff in Samoa to prepare tax returns, financial statements, and management reports on behalf of clients in New Zealand, with plans to extend their services to Australia during the partnership.

“WE Samoa is also committed to ensuring these job opportunities are available to women and men equally, with a gender-balanced workforce and plans in place to develop training and professional leadership opportunities for women.”

Ms Luck said that business-led economic growth was an important contributor to the region’s economic recovery
from COVID-19.

“Samoa’s economy has been particularly hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic,” Ms Luck said. “This exciting new partnership will support private sector growth and Samoa’s economic recovery by creating a significant number of high-skilled jobs for women and men in Samoa. It will see Australia and Samoa working more closely together in the professional services sector.”

The partnership is under the Business Partnerships Platform (BPP), a flagship initiative of the Australian Government.

The BPP supports partnerships between the Australian Government and businesses to deliver sustainable economic growth, support COVID-19 recovery, and reduce poverty, while also ensuring sustainable commercial returns for the business.