Bail for murder defendant denied


Edward Fanueli a former cop charged in the murder of his girlfriend in December was denied bail in the Supreme Court today. 

He remains in the custody of the Police and Prisons.

This was outlined in a court decision handed down today by Supreme Court Justice Tafaoimalo Leilani Tuala-Warren. 

Fanueli has denied all five criminal charges against him through his lawyer Leiataualesa Jerry Brunt. 

He faces charges of murder, manslaughter, grievous bodily harm, armed with a dangerous weapon and possession of an unlawful weapon. 

Justice Tuala-Warren pointed out in her ruling that due to the particular facts of this case, the public and media interest it has drawn and the fact that it will be a trial before assessors drawn from our community, it is important to protect the accused’s right to a fair trial protected by Article 9(1) of the Constitution. 

“The publication of the surrounding facts alleged as set out in this Ruling may prejudice that right to a fair trial guaranteed by Article 9(1). 

“Accordingly, the only part of this ruling which may be published in news media, on the internet, or in any other publicly accessible database, until final disposition of the trial, is the fact that the accused applied for bail and that application for bail was declined.” 

The defendant is scheduled to appear in court for his main trial scheduled on 28 of August 2023.