BAT launches Project Green renewable energy initiative


British American Tobacco (BAT) launched its Project Green renewable energy initiative. Acting Prime Minister Tuala Tevaga Iosefo Ponifasio was the keynote speaker and shared the mission behind this project during the launch yesterday. 

He said BAT Samoa has a rich 45-year history, having started the company in 1978 and significantly contributing towards our country’s development. The launching is a symbolic day for BAT Samoa for its Green Energy Project. 

“What this project means is that BAT Samoa’s electricity needs will be fully catered by its 100kW solar system, and it is an amazing achievement for BAT Samoa to lead Samoa in this direction and make a bold statement from the private sector. “This will go a long way in contributing towards Samoa’s goal and commitment to reducing greenhouse gases emissions by 2030 and our pathway towards transitioning into a low-carbon economy.” 

According to Tuala the excess electricity from this Green Energy Project will be supplied back to the national grid so that other consumers can benefit from this renewable energy source.

A Memorandum of Agreement was signed between BAT Samoa and the Electric Power Corporation which will receive the excess power from BAT Samoa at no cost.

“Clearly, BAT Samoa has been classified as an Independent Power Producer (IPP); however, this is not their core business. Nevertheless, they are committed to contributing to Samoa’s Energy Sector needs.
“This venture is a start and initial step towards transitioning into a greener BAT Samoa.
“The launch of this Green Energy Project will allow BAT Samoa to lower its carbon emissions as it moves away from its reliance on the national electricity grid. “It will now fully benefit from this solar energy by meeting its renewable energy and electricity targets. The solar panels that you see covering its roof today has taken three years to reach this stage.
“BAT Samoa has made a substantial investment of over half a million tala in this project. We must commend BAT Samoa for taking this bold step and making a strong commitment to the environment and Samoa’s Climate Change agenda.
“BAT Samoa will replicate this project for its depot outlet in Savaii, which will be commissioned later this year.” Also as envisioned decarbonizing our economy in the long run, up to 2030 and beyond, against their shorter-term targets that have been set through Nationally Determined Contributions and, Low Emission Development Strategy (LEDS) 2022 – 2032, and many other national priorities.
“The next phase is Electric Vehicles, BAT expects its first electric vehicle later this year. Additionally, BAT Samoa, through its Environmental Social and Governance projects, has worked with our communities to empower our women and youth, provide clean drinking water and garden farming initiatives.
“This commitment by BAT Samoa to go green will allow Samoa to lower its greenhouse gas emissions, especially when our electricity is the highest carbon contributor. Green Sustainable energy developments is the way for the future. We would like to strongly encourage other private sector companies to look at these opportunities that will allow Samoa to reduce its high carbon emissions from electricity generation comprehensively,” said Tauala.