Bill to amend customs tariffs before Parliament


One of the proposed bills to be elaborated in Parliament seeks to amend customs tariffs for certain items such as food, drinks, and electronic devices under the First Schedule of the Principal Act. 

This was revealed during the pre-sitting gathering for Parliamentarians earlier in the week.

According to the summary of the pre-sitting the Ministry of Customs and Revenue Acting CEO Fonoti Talaitupu Taefu, the objective of the bill seeks to reduce the impacts of Non-Communicable Diseases by reviewing tax imposed on goods and items which impact the healthy living of our people. 

Furthermore, the Bill takes into consideration recommendations made by the Business community by introducing technological advancements in certain areas as well as the overall improvement of Samoa’s nutrition profile. 

Fonoti explained there were 6 overarching proposals submitted to the Cabinet which provide for amendments of tax/duty on meat products; specifically pork, beef, and lamb products (such as lamb necks and lamb shanks). 

Furthermore, she clarified that the Ministry also proposed the decrease of excise tax on certain products such as vegetables and fruits with the hope to improve healthy lifestyles and to be aligned with World Trade Organization terms and requirements. 

Also, the Bill went through 3 different consultations, said the ACEO with relevant parties/stakeholders to not only inform those who will be affected by the provisions of the Bill but also to receive feedback from the business community.

She said the intention of the Bill is to reduce taxes/duty imposed on certain items that are detrimental to the health of the people.  

Member of Parliament Lautafi Selafi Purcell pointed out Samoa in the process of banning certain meat products, such as turkey tails due to health reasons; however, it seems we have continued with the local sale of these products.