Booster shots still available

With the COVID19 deadly threat slowly toning down, it is not distracting the Ministry of Health from marching on with its vaccination drive as new variants continue to surface overseas threatening another outbreak from time to time.
And M.O.H Minister Valasi Tafito Selesele and the Health Sector are keeping a vigil that a second wave will not eventuate.
Savali reported that in the meantime, the looming danger is fueling the Sector’s resolve to continue its vaccination drive even though latest data confirm a high coverage of close to 100% of Samoa’s population have completed three vaccine doses including the 3rd booster injections.
He announced in Parliament that to date more than 94% of the eligible population have completed the two initial vaccination, complemented by 96% who have received the two booster shots.
However, data shows that 30% have outstanding doses which include booster doses.
To that effect, the health minister in parliament last week issued a public appeal for residents who have not completed their vaccine doses to do so with 40,000 doses on stock with an additional 30,000 doses of booster doses anticipated to be delivered in March.
“Vaccination is the only COVID19 lifesaving anti-dote available,” Valasi told the House.
“And if we had not heeded warnings from the World Health Organisation, Lord forbid we would have loss more lives.”
He urged the lawmakers and the country that full responsibility to protect one’s family and love ones is a nationwide responsibility, not just the Health Sector but every individual, traditional, judiciary and legislative leaders especially Members of Parliament.
“It is our universal duty to protect our families and that responsibility is in your hands,” added the Minister.
“The fate and safety of your families and our country is in our hands, as fathers and mothers.”
To continue with precautionary measures to minimise a second wave, Valasi is also appealing to the country to wear face marks in crowded areas and public including funerals, weddings and other traditional gatherings.
And he will be requesting Cabinet to reinstate the Mandatory Policy for every individual to wear face masks in public even though the number of confirmed COVID19 cases based on the latest MOH Situational Reports have declined.
Tupua Tamasese Meaole Hospital, added the health minister is taking the lead and have reinstated the Face Mask compulsory policy.
“I have already tasked the CEO to re-enforce the compulsory policy not to allow anyone into the hospital if they are not wearing masks,” he elaborated.
In fact, the Minister said that it should be compulsory for public gatherings including Church Services.
Without a doubt, the country also is keeping a vigil that COVID19 will not be returning to Samoa.
SOURCE: Government of Samoa