Both women and men have equal opportunities in different careers.


Leuluaialii Ricky Tevaga, is a 42 year old father from the village of Lepea, he is the only father who was presented a level 2 certificate in the use of industrial sewing machines from the Samoa Qualification Authority during Don Bosco’s vocational school graduation in Alafua yesterday.

He is currently working at the Samoa Land Corporation (SLC). There were seventeen students in the sewing course, 12 attendees were in the beginner division. And five were members of the advance division including Leuluaialii.

Leuluaialii believes that if mothers can do this work, there are mothers and women who are doing some of the heavy duties and responsibilities of

So why can’t fathers do motherly work? He also said men and women can do this job equally. This is where his opinion was based.

This father vision is to expand his sewing skills and build a small business through a sewing shop in the future. He also spoke about the beginning of Gods blessings and good opportunities for him and his family. Because his certificate from SQA entitled him as a professional sewer.

Leuluaialii also added that if his dreams come true, he will be able to expand his sewing skills in his business. He will have that opportunity to serve the country, community and his church
through his sewing work. Not only just that, but he will also earn some extra money for the development and maintenance of his family.

He expressed his heartfelt gratitude for the support of his families, friends, church and his workplace. But his greatest thanks was to God, for he who giveth the strength and all positivity to push through his sewing course. Leuluaialii left a message of an advice to the general public to seek for additional opportunities to find your success. Its not just workplaces and businesses where you can earn money.

You can also earn your own money by using a gifted talent that God gave you.”