British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly postpones his trip to Samoa


Due to the situation in Sudan the British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly has had to postpone his planned visit to Samoa.

Instead he will travel to New Zealand which would have been his next stop on his tour of the Pacific after Samoa.

The more advanced communications and other facilities available at the UK High Commission in Wellington will allow him better to stay on top of the situation and keep in secure contact with London and staff in Sudan.

The Foreign Secretary said:

“I’m hugely disappointed not to make it to Samoa on this occasion and it is with massive regret this decision has been taken. 

“Samoa, and the Pacific nations more widely, are important friends to the UK and it is frustrating to get so close but to not quite make it. 

“I have expressed my regret and intention to do everything possible to meet again soon with President Fiame.”