Cabinet approved $60,000 donation to CCCS


A total of $60,000 tala has been approved by Cabinet for donation to the Congregational Christian Church of Samoa celebrating 192 years since Christianity arrived in Sapapalii Savaii.

Every year on the 24 August, the CCCS in Sapapalii conducts a service marking the anniversary of when John Williams the first missionary to bring Christianity to Samoa in 1830.

This year makes 192 years of this milestone and sons and daughters travel from around the world to participate in this annual event.

The Samoa Government’s approval of the $60,000 donation is outlined in a Cabinet Directive obtained by Radio Polynesia.

A total of $20,000 will go to the CCCS in Sapapalii and $40,000 will go directly to the Congregational Christian Church of Samoa.

The Cabinet Directive was signed by Cabinet Secretary, Agafili Shem Leo who is also the Chief Executive Officer of the Ministry of the Prime Minister and Cabinet.