Cabinet concludes not to extend STA CEO’s contract


Cabinet has opted not to extend the contract for the Chief Executive Officer of the Samoa Tourism Authority, Fa’amatuainu Suifua Lenata’i.

This was confirmed in a letter by the Chairman of the STA Board, Tuiataga Nathan Bucknall to the CEO dated 6 June 2022 obtained by Radio Polynesia.

“The board has just received a directive from the Minister of Tourism through [the Ministry of Public Enterprises] that Cabinet has adopted a position that no extensions will be granted to Chief Executive Officers whose contracts have ended whilst recruitment and selection process is ongoing.

“To that end, please be advised that your contract will expire as per your contract on the 9th June 2022 and that the Acting Chief Executive Officers roles will continue to rotate until the new CEO has been appointed,” said Tuiataga.

The letter comes a week after the STA Board concluded that Fa’amatuainu is given a warning and should return to work after an investigation was launched against him following a complaint by a staff and former staff, in a “resolution” issued by the STA board dated 1 June 2022 as part of the Paper for the Cabinet’s consideration.

The latest development in this matter, the STA Board informed Fa’amatuainu that all the items afforded to the CEO position should be returned to the STA prior to the end of his contract.

“The board will instruct the current Acting CEO to prepare any outstanding payments that you are entitled to and will have them ready for your collection,” said Tuiataga.

It is understood that Fa’amatuainu reapplied for his position.