Cabinet moves to break up Ministry of Customs and Revenue into two Ministries


The Government of Samoa is seeking to separate the Ministry of Customs and Revenue into two Ministries.

A notice on the Savali indicated the MCR has issued an Express of Interest for a Human Resource Consultancy Services to provide Technical Analysis and Evaluation in Facilitating the Proposed separation of the Ministry of Customs and Revenue.

As endorsed by Cabinet (FK(22) 03).

“The newly planned government reform to separate the current Ministry of Customs and Revenue to establish two separate government bodies, is an initiative to increase efficiency in service delivery as well as creating effective measures to foster innovative methods to increase economic benefits.

“The consulting service will provide technical assistance and support on the development and implementation of proposed organisational structures for the new entities including provisions of providing support for human resource management assessment and planning. This includes the conducting of needed research, desktop reviews, stakeholder and staff consultations, analysis and report writing.”

The terms of reference for the Human Resource Specialist/Consultant will be to conduct an assessment of the current shared human resources between Customs & Revenue.

“To assess the core functions of the two separate entities and identify the support services requirements for each of the separate entities.

“To develop proposed organisational structures for the two separate entities considering the following human resource aspects:

  •  Job and skill changes to meet labour demands of each entity.
  • Human resource needs required to accomplish each entity’s vision, mission, and objectives as well as to improve performances.
  • The workforce for each entity to have optimal technical and soft skills to achieve productivity.
  • Career paths for employees to increase job satisfaction and value.”

Furthermore to identify key human resource policies and processes that are required for building, strengthening, and maintaining effective human resource management while ensuring compliance with Public Service legislations and policies.
“To develop functional and job descriptions as required under the proposed organisational structures.

“To provide support on the preparation of submission documentation in line with Public Service legislations and policies – as to manage the required recommendation process with the Public Service Commission (PSC), Ministry of Finance (MOF), and Cabinet sub-committee members, in order to gain central approval for the proposed organisational structures.”

The report will be submitted to Cabinet for its consideration.