CCCS annual fono tele underway


The annual Fono Tele for the biggest denomination Congregational Christian Church of Samoa is underway with hundreds of members in attendance. 

Held at Malua, a Sunday service was held to kick start the fono tele, which is the governing body that passes all resolutions including the annual budget for the church.

The conference is the biggest event in the church’s calendar year, with its membership gathering at Malua for two weeks to discuss developments and issues facing the church.

Members of the church from all over Samoa, New Zealand, Australia, the United States of America, Hawai’i and American Samoa are congregating at the Malua Theological College compound for the event.

Every congregation is represented by elected members at the conference which is held at the traditional meeting place, at Malua Theological College.

The fono tele normally meets in May however last year, it was held in September due to border closure.