CEO calls on Sui ole Nu’u to enforce SOE orders in villages


The Ministry of Women and Social Development has reinforced the Government’s unilateral message for Sui ole Nu’u representatives in the villages to enforce the restrictions of the State of Emergency orders.

It’s evident that people continue to downplay the importance of the lockdown restrictions to slow the rapid spread of the community cases of COVID 19.

As of this morning, community COVID cases have now reached 622 and this is concerning hence the need for the public to adhere to the orders, said newly appointed Chief Executive Officer of the Ministry Mema Motusaga.

She emphasized the need for the public to heed the restrictions of the SOE orders in an interview with Radio Polynesia.

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Motusaga also utilized the opportunity to appeal to the parents and Government representatives to enforce staying home during the lockdown, given a number of reports the youth are galavanting around the village during the lockdown.

Adding that it’s evident the public in some areas are not taking the Government measures seriously.

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