CEO says internal investigation is underway over death of man on ferry


Chief Executive Officer of the Samoa Shipping Corporation Leiataua Samuelu Phineas has confirmed they are conducting an internal investigation into the incident that occurred on one of the ferries last weekend, where a man was run over by a truck. 

Radio Polynesia questioned the CEO on policies for the safety of passengers during an interview, and the CEO said while the incident was unfortunate but there are policies in place that bans passengers from where vehicles are parked. 

According to the CEO, this policy has been difficult for the staff to enforce as passengers don’t abide by the ferry’s rules and policies. 

He also confirmed the crew members were unaware someone was sleeping under the truck, they only saw his body after the truck ran over him. 

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Police of Prisons is investigating this matter. The incident occurred on the Samoa Express II, said the CEO.