Chairman cites number of issues outlined in MCIL’s annual report 2020


The Chairman of the Economic Sector Committee Niuava Eti Malolo during Parliament yesterday moved a motion to approve its Committee report and recommendations, which was approved. 

Niuava outlined the Committee’s report on the Annual Report of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Labour for the FY 2019/2020, citing the achievements and challenges encountered by the Ministry in the reporting period and voiced the following recommendations for consideration and necessary action of the Government. 

“The Ministry should conduct awareness programs to educate the business community on the requirements of the new international agreements that Samoa has signed, to ensure that they comply with International regulations as well as to assist in the promotion of locally manufactured products in Samoa and its overseas markets. 

“Promptly notify businesses and retailers of any changes to pricing regulations and compliance. The Ministry should also conduct inspections of all stores in both town and rural areas to ensure that all businesses are following the set prices at all times. 

“Strengthening the current Agreement with the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Police and Fire Emergency Services Authority to monitor businesses and shops to comply with the State of Emergency Orders.” 

Also to review guidelines for RSE’s process of applications to ensure the accuracy of information provided in the application. 

“The scheme is to prioritize our unemployed citizens as well as equal opportunities for all.”

Furthermore, the Committee raised concerns on some issues such as the shortage of public service employees and private sector employees which negatively impact families in terms of abandonment of parents and children. 

Also, the need for the Ministry to engage with overseas businesses in partnerships to apply the skills and abilities of locals who have graduated and hold apprenticeships awards in the Ministry’s scheme. 

The Ministry must also find other opportunities under apprenticeship programs aside from those the Ministry already has where our people can be educated and get jobs from. 

The Committee hopes to ensure the effectiveness of this program, to increase opportunities and vacancies for our local people and for the development of their families. 

Also for the Minister to enforce the status of branding and locally manufactured products to promote Samoa labels such as Ava Samoa and Nonu. 

The Ministry should also monitor products imported into the country where they proudly represent their manufacturing countries, and it is important to have English translations on these imported products so that consumers know exactly what the product is about.