Chief Ombudsman of New Zealand in Samoa


Vice President of the International Ombudsman Institute and Chief Ombudsman of New Zealand Misa Peter Boshier is in the Country for week-long engagements and is accompanied by his International Development and Engagement team and Advisor on Investigations.  

The Office of the Ombudsman in Samoa shares a long working partnership with the Office of the Ombudsman in New Zealand through the work that both Offices carry out in handling complaints, undertaking investigations and inspections and encouraging good administration within public agencies, says a press statement issued. 

The purpose of the visit is not only to further promote the role the Ombudsman plays in ensuring good governance, but to strengthen the working relationship between the two Offices, and encourage collaborations across oversight agencies in building strong national integrity systems.  

Misa following the ava ceremony said earlier this week, said in the Pacific, the Ombudsman treads a fine line between doing the right thing by the people and not getting offside with the Government. There is an issue of balance and making sure that you retain your credibility with the Government.” 

Talamua reported that according to Misa it takes time trying to get an answer to a question, a decision, and trying to get fairness from the Government agencies can be really difficult, so the Ombudsman is there to help navigate so the people can get answers when they have problems. 

“When there is a decision that is not the right one, the Ombudsman can help investigate it further,” he said.

Adding there are times in the Pacific that the Ombudsman’s work proved critical and cited a case in Vanuatu 10 years ago where several Government officials were sent to prison following the Ombudsman’s investigation of corrupt practices.

“There is a time when the Ombudsman shines a light on practices which are not acceptable,” said Misa.

The Chief Ombudsman of New Zealand has a full week’s engagement including a courtesy visit to the Prime Minister of Samoa, Speaker of Parliament and Minister of Police. Other engagements will also include providing support to the Office of the Ombudsman to carry out basic investigations training for Ombudsman Liaison Officers of public agencies.

Peter Boshier has been the Chief Ombudsman of New Zealand since 2015. He is also the second vice President of the International Ombudsman Institute (IOI). He holds the Samoan matai title of Misa from Falelatai which was bestowed in 2000. 

The delegation will return back to New Zealand on Saturday 10th September 2022.