China’s Ambassador Chao Xiaoliang: “Education shapes the future of a nation”


China’s Ambassador Chao Xiaoliang during the ceremony congratulated 20 recipients who become the first round of scholarship winners in this year’s intense competition. 

Held at the NUS fale Samoa, Xiaoliang said the recipients should be applauded for their remarkable achievements and for being proud of their families and the National University of Samoa. 

During his speech at the ceremony, he said the Chinese Ambassador Scholarship has been officially set up this year with an aim to award students with the best performance in the academy or extracurricular activities and to financially support vulnerable students with merits. 

The awardees represent an impressive array of research fields, ranging from agricultural science to information and communication technology, which are key sectors for the development of your motherland. 

“I firmly believe, with your dedication and hard work, you will be the pioneers to shoulder the responsibility endorsed by the times.

This newly established scholarship program marks a key step forward in China-Samoa cultural exchanges. With a long-standing tradition of people-to-people interactions, our two countries focus on education cooperation and have launched Chinese Government scholarships since 1982. 

Even the pandemic couldn’t cease our pace. I’m happy to say the awardees of the Chinese government scholarship program will travel to China for their studies later this year. 

“The Confucius Institute at NUS witnesses growing popularity of Chinese culture within Samoan communities. By now the Institute has cultivated 600 plus graduates. 

Those “civil ambassadors of Chinese culture”, together with brilliant students present tonight, have flared up the amity between our two peoples.” 

Mr Xiaoliang said education shapes the future of a nation.

“Guided by the people-centered philosophy, China achieved a ten-fold increase in its tertiary education graduates in only 20 years, providing new energy to its robust economic and technological development. 

Astonishing Chinese speed as 350 km per hour of the world’s largest high-speed railway systems, full-covered 5G networks, and highly developed digital economy, are the words people links to China, a nation with infinite potential and creativeness. 

“Advanced technology fastens China’s contribution to global development. As announced recently, China is on track to build the Tiangong space station and set up a Moon base by 2036, providing platforms for space exploration for all countries.

 As the world’s largest market and largest equipment manufacturer for renewable energy, China has also actively promoted global green and low-carbon energy transformation, making a contribution to the global efforts against climate change and environment protection. 

The vigorous and prosperous China has forged its commitments to building a shared future for mankind.” 

Adding that China’s open and inclusive development has been the world’s impetus to survive pandemics and promote economic recovery, with an average annual contribution rate of more than 30% to the world’s economic growth. 

Since 2020, China has become the largest foreign capital recipient, providing a vast range of employment opportunities. The world’s young generations benefit from the diverse market of China, chasing their dreams in sectors ranging from high-tech to creative industries, from research to business.

“I am optimistic that in the years ahead we’ll see even more students and scholars realize their dreams in China, and I’m looking forward to your benefiting from China’s development and strengthening China-Samoa cooperation and exchanges.”