Climate Change and Extreme Weather Events workshop for Private Sector engagement


To inform and remind the community of how to be aware of the symptoms of Climate Change was the mission behind the workshop that was held this week.

This was confirmed in a press statement issued.

The workshop was in collaboration of the Samoa Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SCCI) in partnership with the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat (PIFS) through support from the Pacific Adaptation to Climate Change, And Resilience Building (PACRES) Project, coordinated a workshop on Climate Change and Extreme Weather Events for Private Sector engagement.

“The workshop objectives were to raise private sector awareness on climate science risks and extreme weather events, as well as identify the role of the private sector in national strategies that address climate change under key development sectors such as agriculture, tourism, energy, transport, and environment.

“They also offered a venue for direct communication between representatives of the private sector and relevant government stakeholders about the formulation of policies and the implementation of national climate adaptation strategies.

“Accessing resources and the prioritized industry sectors where these resources are distributed are two common issues that business owners raised. With these key development sectors identified, participants were able to learn on the respective sector strategies, the supporting activities and the expected outcomes.

“Equally important are programs, projects, and opportunities for engagement through awareness and visibility, to capacity building or actual implementation through services and supply of goods.”

According to the statement, the participants expressed their thoughts the last day of the workshop, about the skills and knowledge they’ve learned about the reality of climate change.

And how they should steer the direction of their company, especially in terms of its Business Continuity Planning to ensure that they not only adapt to climate change impacts but at the same time, to be more mindful of how they could contribute to mitigating actions to counter climate change.

“Personally, I came away feeling a bit more informed on how I could continue dialogue with my staff and work colleagues of ‘how can we help’ and ‘how can we prepare and adapt’. It was certainly a lot of information to try to take in at a small time, but I feel that I have enough info to look into this important matter at a greater detail.” said Saifagaloa Sala-Leafa.

The Technical Advisor, Ulu Bismark Crawley said: “the discussions and exchange shall inform an Engagement Strategy for the private sector on climate change that will be developed. This shall guide the role of the private sector in addressing adaptation response as well as mitigation efforts through simplified and accessible climate financing.”

The Samoa Chamber is appreciative of these opportunities and the assistance of the Government and our regional partners in interacting with business about climate change-related issues and exchanging best practices in disaster risk management and mitigation strategies.