Close to 200 small business receives assistance from Gov

Close to 200 families received resources to operate small business initiatives.
This is an initiative by the Ministry of Women Community and Social Development in collaboration with the EWACC Project through the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.
“It aims to boost local economic development, build resilience and improve the livelihoods of vulnerable households in Samoa, they supported the procurement of resources to nearly 200 families from Upolu and Savaii to start and operate small business developments.
“Prior to the release of resources, the families participated in formal financial literacy and business management training conducted by Samoa Business Hub to enhance their knowledge and skills on how to manage and operate their business developments sustainably.”
In a ceremony held the at the Maota o Tooa Salamasina (Monday 2nd May 2022), the last batch of resources was officially handed over to the recipients of the Support by the Minister of Women, Community and Social Development- Leota Laki Lamositele Sio; where he also encouraged the families to embrace the support and work diligently to sustain their business developments.
The business initiatives support which commenced in 2017 through the co-partnership between the two Ministries has assisted an estimated 1500+ individuals.
The Support has enabled the most vulnerable families from the community to generate income to improve their standards of living, build their resilience to the socio-economic challenges encountered and withstand the adverse impacts of climate change. These initiatives vary from commercialized agriculture and farming to fishing, handicrafts and canteen stalls.