Collaboration for a microwave link on Mt Olotele continues


Having stable communication when the aircraft reaches Mt Olotele during flights from Samoa is closer to becoming a reality, thanks to the ongoing collaboration between the two Samoa’s telecommunications government entities, ASTCA and MCIT.

In an exclusive interview with the Ministry of Telecommunications, Information and Technology, Chief Executive Officer Lefaoalii Unutoa Aoelua said they are working closely with ASTCA and are finalizing plans to create a microwave link to stabalize communication to allow pilots to communicate directly with the airport tower in Samoa.

Samoa’s MCIT Chief Executive Officer, Lefaoalii told KVZK News that some 15 years ago, aircraft flying from Samoa encountered issues when the plane got near Mt Olotele when the dives 50 feet down, the communication to the Samoa and American Samoa tower was cut off, and the pilots had to rely on their mobile phones.

She said they are now at 80 per cent completing this project.

According to Lefaoalii, ASTCA CEO Chuck Leota and his team were in Samoa last week to finalise their execution plans for this project.

During the Atoa o Samoa talks in April, Lefaoalii told government leaders of the two Samoas the need to prioritize this issue due to the safety of everyone on board each flight.